Sample Apology Letter for Missing a Meeting

How to Write Apology Letter for Missing a Meeting (With Free Samples)

When it comes to missing an important meeting you were aware of for whatever reasons, it is always good to show accountability, responsibility and maturity. It isn’t wise to play the blame card when you should be apologizing.

The truth is that no one wants to know the excuses whether reasonable or not, you had missed the meeting and that’s gone already so the best bet will be to apologize and move on. Trying to justify the absence will bring argument and you can’t just believe what that might degenerate into. If you have verifiable reasons for your absence then you can include it in your apology letter for missing the meeting

So an apology letter for missing a meeting is a formal letter of apology written to show remorse of being absent from a meeting. This letter can be written by anyone both males and females. The essence of the letter is to show one is sorry for not attending a meeting that was scheduled which they knew about. This letter will help the writer have an avenue to give his reasons for being absent in a more remorseful way. The letter will help the writer show that he or she is playing the blame gain that it was just out of control and apology is in order.

Writing an effective letter for missing a meeting will need you to do some little things that will enable your letter to be accepted by others without any animosity. The following tips should be taken into consideration when trying to write an apology letter.

  • Try to send in your apology letter as soon as possible, avoid giving the impression that it is an after-thought which might your letter not look real
  • This is a formal letter employ the elements of an official letter, include the purpose for writing, reasons if any and why you should be forgiven
  • Keep the message of your letter as remorseful as possible, you can include the reasons but downplay the excuses and buts more
  • Be clear that you meant no harm by absenting yourself from the meeting, this should empathy
  • Be responsible and accept all the blames, let it be known you intended to avoid such but the circumstances was out of your control.
  • Show regrets if you don’t have a tangible reasons for missing the meeting, maybe it was just an act of forgetfulness. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. just tender your apologies
  • If you can repair the damage, then suggest or ask for suggestion on how to arrest the situation. Then you should do it to show you never intended any negative to happen
  • Keep your letter short and straight to the point

Below are the samples apology letters for missing a meeting

Sample 1

Sonia Marcus

456 Jerry Can Street

Texas. TX34567


12th May 2021

The Women followership meeting

Dallas, Texas

Subject: Absence from the monthly meeting

Dear members,

Please I am writing this letter to tender my apology to the fellowship heads and the members of this great organization. I was unable to attend the monthly meeting that is slated to be carried out every 3rd week of the month. I am very sorry for my absence. As you all know I’m a practicing nurse, I was set to come for the meeting, when my boss called that the nurse on duty has just called in sick, so I needed to take her place for 2 days to help her take care of her health and recover quick.

I couldn’t disobey at this point, because I know there’s was a pregnant patient booked for a cesarean surgery for that evening, so I needed to be on ground to help prepare her for the surgery. So I hurriedly left for the hospital. I’m glad that the surgery went on successfully and all is okay now. So this is the main reason why I couldn’t attend the meeting. As the asst secretary of this great organization, I don’t think I would have wanted to miss the meeting if it wasn’t for a situation beyond my control. But all the same I am apologizing for not attending the last meeting

I so sorry about this, I hope you all forgiven me, I will always attend my meetings

Kind regards

Sonia Marcus

Sample 2

Gibbs Lawson

112 Gate Throve Street,

Austin, 6789

Barbara Asher

Robbins refineries

567 south ways street


Re: Apology for business appointment absence

Dear Ms Asher

I hereby tender my honest apology for missing the essential supplies meeting that was slated for April 10th 2012. I know for a fact that you must have waited for my arrival and was ready to carry out for the discussion for the day. The truth is that the reason for this absence was unavoidable. I was ready to step out for this meeting only to get a call that there was a fire outbreak in my factory.

I ran to my factory and my mind was all occupy with how devastating the whole situation will be for me with my new stocks in the warehouse. So I didn’t even think straight and calling to even cancel the meeting at that point skipped my mind. So I apologize for not only missing the meeting but even for keeping you waiting for that long. I plead that you accept my honest apology.

Please I will need you to set up another meeting with me. I would be glad to receive a positive response from you. Thank you for your understand and I’m very sorry.

Yours sincerely

Gibbs Lawson


Writing an apology letter for missing a meeting is a great way of showing regret for it. It will foster good relationship with the other party or parties. Apologizing have a way of calming nerves and is always the right thing to do when one erred. Writing an apology letter that will be effective needs it to be rightly written, formatted and worded. The writing guide and tips given above will direct you on how you can make your letter acceptable. So you just have to review and use them, the samples can serve as templates for you.


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