Sample Acknowledgement Email to Confirm Receipt of Documents

How to Write an Acknowledgement Email to Confirm Receipt of Documents (With Free Samples)

A sender of documents whether through speed or courier would want to be sure the other party has gotten the documents. So to let the sender realize this would be by acknowledging the receipt of these documents. One of the good way to do is, is by writing the acknowledgement email to confirm receipt of documents. Doing this will enable the sender know that the sent documents were received successfully and this will help put their minds at rest.

So acknowledgement email to confirm receipt of documents is an email sent by a recipient to the sender of documents to indicate that they had received the documents. The essence of the letter is to inform the sender of the documents that the documents were successful received. The email can also serve as a legal or digital proof that the recipient has acknowledged the receipts of those documents.

Writing an effective acknowledgement email to confirm receipt of documents needs you having in it the right information and structuring it correctly. You would need to use the below guiding steps to draft your perfect email to confirm your receipts of documents.

  • Start with writing the subject line and make it as clear as possible that you had received the documents
  • Next, is to have your salutation, you can add the recipient name to it
  • If they are other people that are involved in the transaction, that needs to know about the document receipt. You can use the CC field
  • The acknowledgement email is one letter that needs to be sent as soon as received. This act will help the sender to be aware on time that the recipients have gotten the documents. Again, the action will help the recipient not to forget that they need to send an acknowledgement email.
  • It is important to send acknowledgement email to the right person that was responsible for sending the documents in the first place.
  • You would need to be careful to avoid sending the email with grammatical errors. You need to proofread your email before sending.

Below is some acknowledgement email to confirm receipt of documents samples:

Sample 1

Subject line: confirmation of receipt documents

Hello John,

The documents that were asked from you by our company concerning the deals to be done have reached us. We want to thank you first for the promptness and cooperation regarding forwarding the documents on time. We have just verified all the documents you sent and there are all genuine and appropriate for the deal. So we are glad to merge our company with ours for the growth of everyone.

I hereby write to acknowledge the receipt of the following document that was received on the 10th of April 2020;

  • Certificate of trading
  • Certificate of business premises
  • Receipts for the 5 years payment of tax
  • Land document from the directorate

On this note we would love to inform you that the official verification has been concluded by us from the documents you sent and would take it a notch higher to start the legal procedures. If you would be having either queries from your side, don’t hesitate to reach us here.

We are looking forward to a fruitful business merger in the coming months. Thank you.

Sample 2

Subject line: acknowledging receipts of documents

Hello Derry,

I’m writing to acknowledge the receipts of the documents you had sent as requested by us. We appreciate your speedy and timely respond so that we can go ahead with our transaction. We have already verified your documents and we are glad you had all that was needed and we can commence the transaction as already discussed.

The document we had received and have been verified includes the following:

  • Receipt for the purchase of 3 acres of land
  • The copies of ownership certificate
  • The document to show architectural plans

We would file the document as already discussed. We look forward to doing a great deal of business with you.

Yours sincerely,

Dennis Leon


Sample 3

Subject line: Acknowledging the Receipt of Documents

Hello Brain,

This letter is to acknowledge the receipts of your documents you sent in for our verification. We really appreciated your cooperation and timeliness in sending in the documents. It shows that you are eager to work with us and we would support you in all ways that we can. The below documents were submitted by you and we are confirming the receipt:

  • Copies of your salary slip
  • Copies of your driving license
  • The document to show your house agreement note
  • The copies of lands from your county office

These documents will help us speedy up as well on working on your loan application with us. So be aware that until we have done all the verification and carried out other needed procedures would the loan be sanctioned in your name. We would do as we have discussed and help you get out from your financial state as we have been doing this for over 40 years now.

So I will get back to you as soon as possible as the process begins. Feel free to contact us on any question or queries you have and I will do same if I need to verify any information.

All the best

Perry Morgan


As an individual, you would likely received documents for different reasons. The best way to let the other party that sent the documents to know you have received them is to acknowledge the receipts of them. Courtesy demands that a confirmation should always be made when it comes to this. When it comes to acknowledging receipt of documents understanding the structure of it will help you draft your email appropriately. The writing tips given above should be your guide when trying to create your own acknowledging email. You need to include all the information that will interest the recipients especially on the document actually received. If you need more support information you can use the written samples as your templates to customize your letter to fit your narrative.


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