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Sample Email Announcing the Departure of an Employee

How to Write an Email Announcing  that a Staff is Leaving the Company (With Free Email Samples)

The fact remains that there will always be employee turnover in a company. This turnover can be because of employee resignations, location transfer, layoffs or just termination of appointment.

Medical Excuse Letter from Jury Duty

How to Write Jury Duty Excuse letter  on Medical Grounds (With Free Samples)

You may be summoned for jury service. You don’t need to disobey the orders because if you do, you might be playing with a jail term or ever stiff fines. So the best bet which is allowed by the government is to excuse yourself with very tangible reasons.

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for Breast Reduction

Recommendation Letter for Breast Reduction


When it comes to breast reduction surgery the insurer or the insurance company, will want to know whether to pay for the surgery or not. There are a certain criteria that will be used by any insurer.

Sample Letter of Interest for Volunteer Board Position

How to Write a Letter of Interest for Volunteer Board Position (With Free Samples)

When you love a company and want to be a board member albeit on a volunteering note, you need to send them a letter to indicate your interest. You would need to explain to the company or organization why you want to volunteer with the board.

Sample Letter for Reimbursement of Wife Delivery Medical Expenses

How to Write Letter for Employer to Reimburse Wife’s Delivery Medical Expenses

Leading organizations and companies nationwide always facilitate different compensations and benefits for their staff. These are perks that come with good jobs and the employees sign these terms as official contract that will be binding on the employer.

Sample Letter Asking for Discount on Medical Bill

How to Write a Letter Requesting for Reduction on Medical Bill (With Free Samples)

One of the bills that we always need to deal with is the medical bill because they don’t come cheap. In most cases there are always higher than we anticipated. At the end of the day you would need a reduction to enable you pay especially if you would  be making the payment from your pocket and no help from anywhere. So you can request for a discount on operation, surgery, hospital and other medical bills. The way to formally present this case to the hospital is to craft an application letter asking for a discount on your medical bill and see how it goes.

Sample Letter of Consent to Release Medical Information

Sample Letter of Consent to Release Medical Information

Sometimes medical or health situation warrants getting one’s medical report from another hospital or doctor if one is incapacitated. But the truth is that hospitals or medical providers do not ordinarily share this kind of information with any other person without a formal notice. So the best bet will be to write a letter of consent to release of your medical information. This is a very confidential information to the hospital so they do all they can to protect it.

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for Foot Orthotics

How to Write a Letter of Medical Necessity for Foot Orthotics (With Free Samples)

When you are trying to sort your foot orthotics medical bill claim with your insurer, there will be need to clarify that you really needed a foot orthotics. If you had a medical treatment that includes redistributing pressure to the feet or to prevent ulcer and other foot abnormalities then insurance will require a letter of medical necessity to be attached with the claim for orthotics and submitted to them.

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for Gym Membership

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for Gym Membership

People that are having medical conditions that can be improved by physical exercises or activity can get reimbursement from a health care account. But first, you need to prove that you are eligible for gym activities and you were referral by a qualified doctor. People that are living with hypertension, depression, diabetes  or obese etc. are more likely to be referred for gym activities which would need them getting gym membership.

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for Hospital Bed

How to Write a Medical Necessity for Hospital Bed (With Free Samples)

When another hospital bed is needed for a patient, it behooves on the physician to state the clinical needs of the bed for the patient. The physician would have to points out how the bed needs of the patient aren’t met with the current bed in use.

Sample Cover Letter for Medical Office Manager Position

How to Write a Cover Letter for Medical Office Manager Position (With Free Samples)

When it comes to your search for a medical office manager position, attaching a rich and convincing cover letter to your resume would do the magic. With your cover letter you wouldn’t only highlight your qualifications but you would  be able to reference the job requirements as listed on the job description.

Sample Application Letter for Medical Technologist

How to Write an Application Letter for Medical Technologist (With Free Samples)

A good application letter is a great tool when seeking for the role of a medical technologist. The application letter will help you to highlight your skills, qualifications and competence. The truth remains that a well crafted application letter will always have the attention of the hiring team or employer as such you need to adopt it to your advantage. So if you need to sway the interest of the employer to your side as you seek for a role of a medical technologist, then you need to write a convincing application letter.

Sample Letter to Parents from a Teacher going on Medical Leave

How to Write a Letter to Parents from a Teacher going on Medical Leave

There comes a time you would need to take a leave of absence from your students due to medical reasons. This action might cause panic or anxiety for the parent, like their children will be left unattended to. But you need to reassure them that your medical leave wouldn’t affect their children studies in anywhere.

Sample Congratulation Letter for Company Anniversary

How to Write a Congratulatory Letter for Company Anniversary (Plus Free Samples)

In the present day work environment, companies feel appreciated when others they have served valued them. Company’s anniversary is amazing time to celebrate the workers, employees or employers of a company.

Sample Letter of Interest for HOA Board Position

How to Write a Letter of Interest for HOA Board Position

Having interest for a homeowners association would need you to alert the association of your intentions. You might want to be a board member to address the different issues that is plaguing the association or you just want to be an informative tool helping others to stay informed. The best approach is to show you are a better candidate is by writing a letter of interest for HOA board position.

Sample Relinquishment Letter for Property

How to Write a Relinquishment Letter for Property (Plus Samples)

Relinquishment of property happens when an individual dies without a will or intestate and had own a property. The said property will be inherited by a legal heir; it will then be up to the heir to do whatever the person wishes to do with the property. But if the heir has taken possession of the property but doesn’t want to keep the said property it can as well be transfer to another co-owner. To make this official, so that it will be documented that a transfer was done, then it must be in writing. So a relinquishment letter for the property will be written.

Sample Request Letter to a Mayor

How to Write a Request Letter to a Mayor (Plus Free Samples)

The mayor has the superior powers to solve problems of a city and a place. So you can always be in contact with one if you have any local concern or issues to resolve. The fact remains that writing to the mayor about problems that a city is confronted with is a sure way of getting your voice heard.  So one can write to a mayor to give suggestions, give solutions, and connect with the mayor, alert on problems and lots more.

Sample Letter of Continued Interest

How to Write a Letter of Continued Interest (With Free Samples)

When you are on a waitlist or deferred by a school, you really want to attend it can be very frustrating. All you feel, you should do is to get keep waiting still you are offered a spot to start as a fresh student. But you can still do something that will increase your chance at getting their acceptance letter. So you don’t just have to sit around waiting, you can take up an action that can expedite action. This is where writing a letter of continued interest comes in. you need to still persuade the school to show that you are still interested in their offer regardless of anything.

Sample Reconsideration Letter for SBA Loan

How to Write a Reconsideration Letter for SBA Loan

You may have been denied a SBA (small business association) loan, which may be due to lack of right information of your business, you have unsatisfactory credit history or your type of business is ineligible. All hope isn’t lost you can take the most successful step. The sure bet is to ask for a reconsideration, which will be the chance for you to supply additional information that will help you prove your case to get the loan. This is where you would need to write a reconsideration letter for SBA loan.

Sample Thank you Letter for a Scholarship

How to Write a Thank you Letter for a Scholarship (With Free Samples)

When it comes to scholarship donors, they are usually very caring and generous people. They understand the need to always groom the next generation, so they are always eager to put money down for others to get the quality education they need. They do this unselfishly and ask for nothing in return but it wouldn’t be out of place if you as a beneficiary show appreciation. One of the good ways of doing that is by writing a well worded thank you letter for the scholarship to the donor to show your gratefulness.

Sample Apology Letter for Missing a Meeting

How to Write Apology Letter for Missing a Meeting (With Free Samples)

When it comes to missing an important meeting you were aware of for whatever reasons, it is always good to show accountability, responsibility and maturity. It isn’t wise to play the blame card when you should be apologizing.

How to Write a Reference Letter for a Baby Sitter

How to Write a Reference Letter for a Baby Sitter (With Free Samples)

Getting a new job as a baby sitter will be quicker with a reference letter. New employers will be more confident with the written words of a previous employer because they believe the writer is writing out of experience. This is why it is always good to leave a previous job without rancor, because the previous employer can be instrumental to the success of your new employment.

Sample Intent to Bid Letter

How to Write an Intent to Bid Letter (With Free Samples)

Companies sometimes want a third party to do some tasks for them or even supply them some products. They will first research on the goods or services they would need and after that will ask companies to bring their proposals. So interested freelancers or contractors will then have to write their bid letter in response to the company’s proposals. So this how writing a bid letter comes about.

Sample Reflective Cover Letter

How to Write a Reflective Cover Letter (With Free Samples)

There always the need to outline the work done in a class, to show that one has learned new things  and that it can help you perform better in the future.

Sample Resignation Letter Due to Bullying Letter

How to Write a Resignation Letter Due to Bullying Letter (With Free Samples)

Bullying is one vice that can be very difficult to tolerate in any place, be it at work or home. This is because bullying can make one depressed, lose one’s esteem, peace of mind and even be suicidal.

Sample Letter to Board of Education

How to Write a Letter to Board of Education (With Free Samples)

Letters written to the board of education can be for diverse reasons, it could be a complaint from parents, and it could be a criticism or an acknowledgement. But the truth is that whatever motive is behind the writing, one should keep it formal, be respectful and direct about it.  It is always advisable to communicate with the school board concerning one’s child education, school functions or special services, it shows one cares about the child’s quality of instruction and well-being.

Sample Letter to Someone who hurt you

How to Write a Letter to Someone who hurt you

Humans are emotional beings that can easily get hurt by the words or deeds of the next person. This is a natural occurrence which can leave one in pains and bitterness. A Hurtful word is like a two-edge sword that pierces the heart and as such if an action that can alleviate this pains isn’t adopted it can make one be in a bad place for a long time. Sometimes it might just need the other party to apologize to make the hurting one to feel good.

Sample Guarantor Letter for Rental

How to Write a Guarantor Letter for Rental (With Free Samples)

When it comes to a rental business, the owner of the business will always need a guarantor letter from someone that will take responsibility of financial lapses. This is because the renter might want to forfeit on a contract, of course there should be someone to bear the financial burden. Example a house owner might need a guarantor letter from a would-be tenant, if they realize that the tenant would be finding it difficult to pay rent due to low income. So as a guarantor, you would need to understand the terms involved then draft a formal letter that will solidifies the terms of agreement. This is where the guarantor letter for rental comes in.

Sample Letter to an Acting Agent

How to Write a Letter to an Acting Agent

There is a high demand of actors with amazing talent by both Acting agents and even managers. The thing is that if one can communicate effectively with a great agent, then the possibility of being signed by these agents is very high. Even the other acting agents will be interested in you when you have mastered the art of writing a compelling letter to them. The most benefit will be that there will always be auditions for acting jobs lined up for your grabs.  Acting agents always want to work with each talent individually, so you don’t to forward any mass letter on the web, you just have to independently write a letter to them.

Sample Complaint Letter to Police Commissioner

How to Write a Complaint Letter to the Police Commissioner (With Free Samples)

The society is an imperfect place housing imperfect people as well; people are different in their attitude to life. Others are peace and law abiding others is deviants for whatever reasons. This is why there’s always incident of threats, murder, social and religion outbreaks, theft and snatching, high noise pollution, sexual abuse, bribery etc.